‘Exchange Reporting made simple’ has been the byline for Promodag for decades and now the same applies to OS365 installations including hybrid installations. With Promodag you get the same high level and detail reports regardless of the mailbox storage location. Omnemail works with Promodag to provide optimum support in the US and Canada.

Promodag has thousands of customers worldwide, many of which are supported by Omnemail. Features like

  • Charge back billing to user departments
  • Automatic report generation – set it and forget it
  • Multiple formats – pdf, csv, txt 
  • Email reports automatically
  • Low impact on IT support
  • Meet user departments needs

are just some of its capabilities.

Contact Omnemail for a 45 day trial to see what Promodag can do for you.

Not ready for a trial? Let Promodag give you a demo. Just contact Omnemail to set up a schedule.

International consultants, legal firms, universities, nonprofits, pharmaceutical, industrial, financial and many more examples of Promodag worldwide customers. 

Join them and take control of your email resources. Version 14 is now available. 

The list of reports available with Promodag is extensive.  Select these or customize your own and schedule them for automatic distribution.
Manage and control your Exchange servers and mailboxes
OWA Breakdown by Hour
Manage and control your Exchange servers and mailboxes
Mailbox Traffic Growth