Manage and control your Exchange servers and mailboxes with Omnemail tools. Never has ‘What’s in your mailbox’ been more important. Would you like to charge back user departments for their use of email? Do you know how much storage time dated emails occupy? Is someone violating your video policy? Are you in legal jeopardy due to how your email is used or misused?

Let us help you answer those questions

Promodag Reports for Exchange/OS365 is a feature rich product with over 20 years and thousands of customer experiences. As a world class leader in Exchange reporting, Promodag allows IT management to respond to user needs that details how human and technology resources are using the corporate email resource.

Major corporations, non-profits, universities and government agencies use Promodag to control their email systems and assure compliance with goals and legal requirements.

Unmanaged email can be very expensive.

Promodag takes the guess work out of how your email is being used.

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