Promodag Reports for Exchange has been a world class leader in helping Exchange administrators manage Exchange for over a decade. Promodag Reports contain a comprehensive and versatile range of traffic analysis, message tracking and planning tools that simplify and automate the process of managing email usage, ensuring compliance and optimizing the performance of your mission – critical email systems. As a specialist in reporting on Exchange systems, Promodag provides a wide variety of reports and options to meet a truly extensive range of reporting requirements designed to provide you with control of your Exchange messaging systems.Read more here
TimeFlex for Exchange brings Exchange calendaring into the 21st century with seamless access from any platform. Why use an add-on time management software solution like TimeFleX Microsoft Exchange (Outlook / OWA)? The reason is simple. TimeFleX goes well above and beyond the basic features and functionalities that are provided in Outlook calendars, making your organization’s users more productive, efficient and responsive. The TimeFleX solution is completely scalable and delivers clear value-add for organizations ranging in size from a few dozen persons all the way up to the largest multinational enterprises. Click here to tell us about your needs and we will schedule a webinar to demonstrate how TimeFleX can work for you.Read more here
The best way to get a full understanding of our products is to request a demo. Promodag and TimeFlex offer full function demonstrations. Omnemail can coordinate a webinar with you to give a full demonstration of the products.

Omnemail, Inc. provides sales and support services for world class Microsoft Exchange productivity tools that provide more functions and features than the basic tools provided by Microsoft.

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